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What is PupToNoGood (PTNG)?

PupToNoGood is the branch of the Wolf Den that encourages creativity and all things fun - we solemnly swear we are PupToNoGood!

This can encompass anything from art to puzzles and games, whatever sets you free ;)

What are Pup Puzzle and Operation Jailbreak?

The Wolf Den hopes to pave the way to creativity for its members by putting out its own content - giving them the "gift of going second!"

So far, we've created two "treasure hunts" where Wolf Pups follow along a unique storyline, and work through challenging puzzles and riddles to obtain various prizes.

The Pup Puzzle was the first treasure hunt we launched. Wolf Pups emBARKed on an adventure to find a hidden treasure chest full of $ETH. The only problem? The "map" to its recovery was tucked away in the Secret Bunker Room, and... no one could remember the code - facepalm. Thankfully, all sorts of hints and clues were hidden in different rooms of the Wolf Den. A picture of the winning Wolf Pup hanging out with the Team's Wolf Pups was also drawn and posted on the official Wolf Den website, etched in history forever!

Operation Jailbreak is our second treasure hunt. Several Gray Wolf Pups have been taken captive by the nefarious "Lab" and locked away in the Grand Master Vault. Heroic Wolf Pups have sought to recreate the Grand Master Key, boldly undertaking the mission to rescue their brothers and sisters.

How do I participate?

Much of the content created by the Wolf Den or pack members is shared publicly (see "where can I see more?" below) for free!

The Pup Puzzle and Operation Jailbreak treasure hunts require the participant to hold a Wolf Pup NFT.

To find out more about the Wolf Den or mint your own Wolf Pup NFT, check out the Wolf Den's main webpage

Where can I see more?

PupToNoGood posts videos from its stories and community calls on YouTube.

Content from PTNG and Prolific Pups (creators from the Wolf Den community) can be found on the Wolf Den Instagram.

Our newsletter The Wolfish Word highlights a wide range of content and news.

The Wolf Den's Twitter also frequently shares PTNG and Prolific Pups content.

To find out more about the Wolf Den and adopt your own Wolf Pup NFT, check out the Wolf Den's main webpage.

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